Reviews From Giles Music

The following are the reviews of Giles Music of 2002.

Hi Mark

Dancing With Dolores arrived Saturday and I immediately played it through, not once but twice, and it really showcases the talents of the band.  The production is superb!

I really like the sound you’ve managed to capture in the studio – more so than Blue Funk.  I played it on a Rega Planet CD player, through an Audio Analogue Bellini/Donnizetti pre-power amp combo in to a pair of Ruark Prologue floorstanders.  I’m basically a vinyl man (got a 1955 Garrad 301 turntable with Origin Live arm) and the Rega comes close for a CD player.

Dancing With Dolores rocks!  Thanks for the music, Mark.“


[Review posted by Gilles Blampain at CDBaby:]

Fireworks of rythms. A real pleasure

The trio from Lancashire is back and it’s great! Fireworks of rhythms…blues, soul,funk. With this CD, Giles assert their place among the best british bands of the decade. First rank musicians, very good production, quality is here. Four covers with a special touch of their own: Freedom by Richie Havens, Gypsy Eyes by Jimi Hendrix, Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner, Bird On The Wire by Leonard Cohen. As for the original material, one day the songs by Mark Koehorst will become classics. A real pleasure. Gilles Blampain “

[Review posted by Gilles Blampain at iMusicStage:]

The Real Sound

“What a record! Blues,funk, soul, the real sound! A great CD by one of the best british bands of the decade. 10 original songs by Mark Koehorst and 4 covers, Freedom by Richie Havens, Gypsy Eyes by Jimi Hendrix, Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner, Bird On The Wire by Leonard Cohen, all with a great feeling and the Giles’ touch. Beware of the spell: if you listen to Dancing With Dolores, you’ll wish to do it again and again. Great musicians, good production, high quality. It’s a must! Gilles Blampain”

“Hi Mark

 Thank you very much for the cd enjoyed it very much !

 letter to bush, dancing with dolores, bird on the wire &

the last track ( sorry cant remember the title ! ) the highlights for me 

 thought you caught the fragility of bird on the wire.

 always brave to do a Cohen track not many dare !

see you at Colne

cheers, John & Kath”

“Hey Mark,

How are you? Just wanted to let you know that I received your new CD and I played Wanna Come Home Father [in my radio show]. I just love this track, every time I hear the song it makes me want to cry, it has, I think such emotion attached to it. It’s simply brilliant. Anyway it’s on-line now and should get around 3k downloads while it’s available and I’ll play another one of the album on the next one. Take it easy.


Brendan”  [The Blues Connection]

“Hi Mark

got the new album yesterday, many thanks.

What can I say ….its absolutely fantastic, I thought it was going to be tough to better the last one but this is light years in front. I would think the reviews are going to be out of this world.

Pass my sincere congratulations on to the lads.

The whole piece has a depth to it I wasn’t expecting, even the CD cover, (where can I get a copy of the art work?).

Keep up the good work and many thanks again

Best regards to you and yours

C. N.

“Hi Mark

CD received yesterday, thanks.  Only had time for a quick listen so far, but
sounds great!

Thanks, Pauline”

“Hey Mark,

Finally got a spare moment to listen to the disc. VERY cool vibe to it. I played it at work and a few other people actually asked me what was playing and said it was really good.  Not to try and classify it but it had a kinda loose jammy kinda flow very much like Widespread Panic and Phish.  Keep up the good work and let me know what you need.
Woody” (US promoter)

“Thanks for the pictures, it was (again) a special experience for me:
enjoyable and enriching. I could not talk too much with you, I would have
been interesting investigating the roots that make your sons so special.

I have heard several times your new song [Dancing with Dolores]. At first, it sounds a little
strange for me (used to Spanish sounds). I like it. I let my best friend
hear the song, these are her comments (I try to translate):

me transporta como a un desierto, con un bar en medio, de madera y estar
escuchando la canción con los pies descalzos sobre la arena. mucho sol y
mucho calor
(the song takes me to a dessert or so, with a wooden bar in the middle, with
my feet on the sand, it’s sunny, very hot)

bueno el final, es diferente con las sirenas y eso, no es tan trankilo
(well, the end is different with the sirens is not so quiet)

me gusta incluso para follar. tienes mas?
(I even like it as backgrund music while making love. do you have more?)

I agree with her. is a good song.

I hope I can see you all again. good luck in your gigs!” 
– Marta

“Hi Mark

My only regret about the evening in Harrogate is that we did not get to the Blues Bar until you were doing the last song in the first set ! It was a great evening.

I’m just learning guitar and you are an inspiration.  The band is very tight as well.

I remember buying Stevie Wonder’s Superstition when it first came out as a single.  Being more of a T-Rex kid than Mowtown it had to be very special for me to buy it.  It was great to hear your version and it sounded superb.

Thanks again and good luck with the rest of the tour.

Best Wishes


“ i enjoyed a lot!! so i told some people in barrow you will have a
concert there next friday. i only need to know the name of the place and
what time. i think they will like your music, i was impressed.

thank you!

“Salut les Giles, toutes mes félicitations : meilleur album 2005, meilleur groupe,… je n’en suis pas surprise, les gens savent apprécier de la bonne musique chez vous!!!

J’espère bientôt vous voir en Haute Saône, j’attend avec impatience votre arrivée pour vivre une nouvelle soirée magique avec vous…

Vive la musique!!!



[following our appearance at the Rock and Blues weekend in Skegness, Jan 06:]

The Band’s two sets at Skegness recently showed how far the Band have progressed in the last two years, to open a festival on its first night is an awesome task, but one that you guys rose to with no problem in front of 2,500 people. The first set got them talking, the second set got them wanting more and you gave it to them !!  It was a blinder, heard people talking about the Band all weekend. They had seen and heard the  GILES Experience and it truly was one !!

Well done guys ”  –  M.Y.

   Hi my friend Brigid said I had to get in touch and
tell you the band were AWESOME at Skegness.” 
– Christine M.

“Just a note to say it was fab to meet you and how much I enjoyed your show at mighty Skegness.” – Sue Marchant of BBC Radio Sussex 

You were probably my favourite act – I’m a guitarist too, and I could hear your touch. Surprises me how few have that. 

I was speaking to a BBC DJ, Susan Marchant, who was also extolling your virtues. 

Just off to Jamaica for a concert – back after 8 Feb.“ – M.R.

I went to the website & listened to some sample’s of your music….I really love it!!!!!!!!” – Vicky C.

Hi Mark!,

 Thanx for letting me know about your next gig in dear old Hartlepool.

 Me & my friends will be there along with quite a few more – i hope.

We all REALLY enjoyed your set at The Causeway-you are all really exceptional – its gotta be said.  It was definitely one of the BEST nites i’ve had in there for ages. Giles has got a new fan-base going on, anyway!!! – its a pity there were not more people there but i’m sure there’ll be plenty more gigs to come!! – so i’ll see you soon!

Bye for now.


“I really  enjoyed your music and we had a great night.” – M.L.


Thanks for contact.  Enjoyed your gig at the Causeway earlier this week.   Very, very impressive ….  Keep it going. Hope to see you soon.  I see you are playing the Aintnothinbut bar later this month.  I always go there when I’m in London… music 7 nights a week…marvellous!



“Really enjoyed the gig yesterday especially Gets me nowhere, thanks for that.  Everyone else seemed to enjoy it too & you looked like you sold lots of CD’s, hopefully you’ll be back next year maybe when your new Cd’s out.” – J.D.

“hi boys, just wanted to say that i really enjoyed your music…..saw at at the flying horse in blyth, love gina x

“…I wanted to add that I’m so glad I have seen Giles in concert because even
if people is not very interested by blues rock (as I was), you have created
such a good mood, and three of you are so good musicians who really “live”
their music, so I changed my opinion about music style that I didn’t
appreciate before and now I know that good bands can make you change your
opinion and my friend Fred is so happy  about that!!
 “ – Muriel

Reviews From Giles Music“Hello Mark,
It was great to meet you to and to discover blues with such a good band,

Have a great day , and say hello from me to Piet” – 
Muriel in France