Top 5 SEO Tips For Musicians

If you are a musician with a website, you need to implement SEO techniques to ensure your site is easily accessible by your fans.

Unfortunately, many artists today don’t know how to leverage SEO to get better exposure online.

Here are the top five SEO that will help you get more targeted traffic on your website and gain new fans in the process.

1. Analytics

It is essential to monitor the amount of traffic your website receives. You can use free analytics tools to analyze how you can optimize your site.

After you optimize your website accordingly, you need to create fresh content and release new music to your fans.

There are many tools on the web that offer that and you can do a whole lot of analysis using these tools as a guide.

In fact, I once used a tool called Google Analytics to track all of my traffic and even my conversions. It was one of the best online tools I’ve used and continue to be.

Now I don’t do much analysis of the traffic on my site as I have a VA who does that pretty well.

2. Always create fresh content

Producing fresh and unique content is essential when optimizing your website. Updating your website regularly will signal search engines to crawl your site more.

 You can create content with information such as album releases, upcoming shows, and new merchandise to drive more traffic to your website.

Although this site is up and coming, I still try my best to produce fresh content a regular basis on my other sites too.

In fact, if you keep your site fresh with good content, you may start to lose rankings. I said ‘may’ because sometimes your rankings will stay as stable as it has ever been.

But it’s generally good to keep your site updated with fresh content on a regular basis.

3. Build links

The easiest way to get links is by creating quality content that readers will want to link to. If you have collaborated with other musicians, remember to add their links on your website and request them to return the favor.

Not just any link, build high quality links.

And one outstanding way to go about this is by reaching out to your fellow music bloggers. Majority of the incoming links to my site are from bloggers who love my content and would love to share it with their audience.

So I encourage you to do the same.

4. Add META Tags

You can add a description of your website on META tags, commonly found on your website HTML.

These results are displayed when visitors enter a search query into Google. To ensure more people click on your website, it is essential to ensure you are descriptive when creating META Tags for your site.

Although meta tags doesn’t play much of role in rankings, it’s still a good practice nevertheless.

5. Keyword Research

As a musician, you need to use branded keywords more often.

These keywords can include your album names, performance date, lyrics, song names, and upcoming interviews, to mention a few.

Optimizing your website will help you get exposure and hopefully boost your revenue in the process. So why not implement these invaluable tips on your website today?

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