We are a group of musicians, composers, psychologists, acoustic engineers, and video artists with a shared fascination for infrasound. Our aim is to produce an engaging concert and a musical experiment where no-one can predict the outcome.

We hope our event will engage scientists with contemporary music – and musicians with the process of contemporary science.


Sarah Angliss
Engineer and composer

Ravi Deepres
Artist – photography and film

Pianist, specializing in electroacoustic works

Ciarán O’Keeffe
Psychologist and musician
Liverpool Hope University

Dr. Richard Lord
Acoustic engineer
National Physical Laboratory

Roddy Skeaping
Composer and performer

Dan Simmons
Acoustic engineer
National Physical Laboratory

Professor Richard Wiseman
Experimental psychologist


The team is grateful to the sci-art Consortium for funding this project.

We would also like to thank from the National Physical Laboratory for supporting us with their invaluable donation of time, equipment and expertise.

This includes the significant early work of NPL acoustician Mark Jiggins. Formerly an NPL consultant, Mark is now an acoustic engineer for National Wind Power.

We would also like to thank the following people for the support, guidance and expertise that made this project possible:

  • Bergit Arends
  • The Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ Society
  • Dr. Karen McComb, Ravi Deepres
  • Claire Griffiths
  • Tim Hunkin, Isabelle Clarke
  • Colin Fallows
  • Chauntelle Ingarfield
  • Dr. Mark Lythgoe
  • National Pipe Organs Register
  • Graham Norgate
  • Hayden Parsey
  • Roddy Skeaping
  • Verity Slater
  • Vic Tandy
  • Davina Thackara
  • Clare Thornton
  • Stephen Watkins
  • Colin Uttley
  • David Willey and
  • Dr. Caroline Watts